Fandom Themed Virtual Running Events

Below you’ll find the currently available virtual running event series that are built around fandoms that we enjoy just as much as you. As explained in our FAQ, we’ll add events to existing series for as long as participants enjoy them. Entirely new series will be added to the full roster on a regular basis…giving fans even more of what they love, inspiring their personal fitness, and feeding their fanaticism with fantastic, one-of-a-kind runner’s medals!

The Chaotic Series: Just Roll With It.

Warriors, Mages, Clerics, Paladins, Bards and all multi-classers, gather round! Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce a new series of virtual running events:

The Chaotic Series!

Whether you align as Good, Evil, or Neutral, this is going to be a whole lot of fun!

The Chaotic Series celebrates the universe of tabletop and roll-playing games that so many of us have played since our formative years. So grab a character sheet, roll the attributes for your warrior-mage-bard albino minotaur, and get ready to move!

Winchester Series: Carry On, My Virtual Run.

Running miles, killing personal records…the family business. It’s the latest set of virtual running events from Fandom Running Club:

The Winchester Series!

Honoring the brothers to were willing (quite literally) to go to Hell and back for each other, this series of events has the grit, the determination, and the perfect jawline to face up to the toughest adversaries in the eternal conflict between good and evil.

How many events will there be? How many incredible medals will you collect? Only the highest powers may know…

The Slayer Series: Maximum Stabbage.

Into every generation, a perfect running series is born…Fandom Running Club is thrilled to offer a fierce series of virtual running events:

The Slayer Series!

You might choose to wait until nightfall to complete your distances on these events; you may opt to hide a treadmill somewhere in the safe recesses of a certain library. No matter how you gear up, these events honor the one with the strength and skill to fight. You’ll build your strength and skill in the process, while earning some gorgeous medals to honor your victories for the rest of time!

Cult Classics: We Second That Devotion.

Movie lovers, we’ve got something amazing just for you! Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce our brand new series of virtual running events:

The Cult Classics Series!

The Cult Classics Series, which will have a not-yet-determined number of events, will celebrate those movies that have achieved the mythical “cult status” by having a passionate fan base that goes to midnight showings, anniversary re-releases, and have worn out the tape in their VHS machines. So grab your popcorn, and get ready for the events to come!