“It is not for thee. It is for her alone to wield.”

Fandom Running Club is pleased to stab forward into the first event in the Small Screen Series:

The Chosen Run 5k!

You’ve demanded it and now we’re doing it! We’re re-releasing the inaugural event of the FRC, and you didn’t even have to get Willow to cast a spell to get it!

For the first Buffy-themed event, we decided to start at the end.

The Mʔ…the Scythe…whatever you want to call it, it’s the ultimate weapon if you’re a Slayer and you need to kill the First Evil…or a sadistic preacher (bye bye, Caleb!). Willow used it to activate all potential Slayers so they could fight the evil of the Hellmouth. It’s simply awesome!

Your registration includes this incredible 3″ two-sided medal featuring the Scythe with the call to every potential Slayer, sublimated ribbon, and a personalized digital bib!

Remember, this event is virtual, so you can complete it wherever, however and whenever you want! You can walk, run, skip, bike, or saunter…you can do it in your neighborhood, at the gym, on the treadmill, or on your favorite trail…and you can do it Monday night, Tuesday morning, or Thursday afternoon! It’s all up to you!

“Are you ready to be strong?”

And since we’re re-releasing these medals, we decided that this is a good time to do a cool event shirt! The question on the shirt is simple, but carries so much meaning.

For more information (and to just geek out about your favorite fandom), join our community on Facebook, FRC Fan Domain. If you’re not on Facebook, check out the FAQ!