“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”


Fandom Running Club is terrified to present the newest event in the Cult Classics series:

RedRun 9k!

One of the most chilling stories from the master of macabre became one of the most immediately recognizable frightening films of all time, The Shining is more than enough inspiration to run…for your lives!

Your registration includes this creepy-wonderful 3″ medal featuring the spine-tingling Grady twins, and a message of runner’s madness on the back! As with every FRC medal, there’s also the beautiful custom sublimated ribbon (bearing the most infamous carpet pattern ever) and the always popular personalized digital bib!

You’re doing something great for yourself, and for a great cause.

Remember that every month, the Fandom Running Club designates a past Fanthropy charity partner to be the recipient of a percentage of the proceeds from registrations for all FRC virtual running events!

To learn all about our current partner, see the Charity Partner of the Month page.

“Danny’s not here, Mrs. Torrance…”


You don’t need a little invisible friend telling you when it’s time to go out and run, but with our shirt tribute to Danny (and Tony), you might get people running…away! It’s a fantastic way to show the world your combined love for things that raise your heart rate.

Available in multiple fabrics and styles from tees, to tanks, to hoodies, all proceeds go to support our wonderful Fanthropy charity partners!

“I want you to like it here. I wish we could stay here forever, and ever…ever.”


This is a ‘virtual’ active event, so you can complete your nine kilometer distance wherever, however and whenever you want! Where? You can do it around your neighborhood, at the gym, on the treadmill, or lost in your favorite hedge maze. How? You can walk, run, skip, dance, or scramble like mad. When? You can do it on a Monday night, a Thursday morning, or a Saturday afternoon. It’s all up to you!

Medals have been ordered for production and should be shipped to first registrants the final week of November.

Interested in other fandoms like classic movies, television series, gaming, and more? Check out all the FRC events in The FRC Bazaar and register for your favorites!

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Wendy, give me the bat…NOW RUN!