It’s all fun and games until the DM says, “Roll Initiative”.

A deep sense of foreboding sweeps over you…a chill runs up your spine. You walk into a dimly lit room, the stone walls are cold and radiate a mysterious energy. At that moment, your DM looks at you and, with no warning at all, says the words you most feared: “Roll a d20.”

::groan of exasperation::

Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce the first tabletop-honoring event in the Game On Series:

The d20 Roll!

The iconic d20…the icosahedron which determines success or failure. Every tabletop RPG player knows that this is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, for with a roll of a “20,” you can hit anything or save yourself from the most heinous magical attacks. Of course, there’s always the dreaded “fumble,” or critical fail, by rolling a “1”…an outcome that is certain to result in the (most likely hilarious) demise of your beloved character.

Your registration for The d20 Roll includes an awesome 3″ medal with beautiful blue epoxy, a satin dye-sublimated ribbon, and the ever-popular custom digital bib. The distance is a 20k, but this is a virtual run, so you can complete the distance anywhere, and any way you want! You can do it in one go or you can break up the distance to make it more manageable.

Medals ship immediately, on the honor system; no need to report your distance to us! Proceeds from this event support Random Tuesday‘s fantastic Charity Partners.

Sign up for the d20 Roll today, and embrace your inner geek!

Shirt of Wearing.

And of course, there’s a super awesome geeky shirt. Mere mortals settle a dispute with rock-paper-series…but if you want to harness a little bit of chaos, you use a d20.

Embrace the chaos, and get yours now!