Fandom Themed Virtual Running Events

Below you’ll find the currently available virtual running event series that are built around fandoms that we enjoy just as much as you do.

As explained in our FAQ, we’ll add events to existing series for as long as participants enjoy them.

Entirely new series will be added to the full roster on a regular basis…giving fans even more of what they love, inspiring their personal fitness, and feeding their fanaticism with fantastic, one-of-a-kind runner’s medals!

Our Charity Partner of the Month!

Every month, Fandom Running Club will be donating a percentage of proceeds from ALL virtual running event registrations to a fantastic charity partner. These organizations are our biggest fandom: the ones who make positive change, and help us create the sort of better world we want to live in. We’ve seen these worlds in our books, our films, our programs, our art. These charity partners make them a reality.⁣

June 8 is World Oceans Day, and so this month, our charity partner is the incredible work of Oceans Initiative! Oceans Initiative is a team of scientists on a mission to protect marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, salmon and seabirds, in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Dedicated to the protection of the oceanic world and its inhabitants, with specific eyes towards studying the impact of human interaction on that realm, OI has multiple active research projects including the the study of ocean noise, the impact of bycatch, biodiversity conservation, and much more. Learn all about their fascinating and critical work on their website or social media channels!

When you sign up for any FRC virtual fitness event this month, know that you’re not only benefiting your own health and well-being, you’re helping this incredible organization!⁣

Small Screen Series: May It Run Forever.

Scattered across the airwaves, and woven through the Internet. It’s the longest-running (sorry, bad pun) set of virtual events from Fandom Running Club:

The Small Screen Series!

Yesterday and today, from network broadcast to streaming originals, we as fans have literally hundreds of shows and thousands of characters we love and adore. That’s why the Small Screen Series honors them, and taps into that fanatical adoration as inspiration to get out there and move! Lay claim to the remote control and let’s get to it!

Cult Classics: We Second That Devotion.

Movie lovers, we’ve got something amazing just for you! Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce our brand new series of virtual running events:

The Cult Classics Series!

The Cult Classics Series, which will have a not-yet-determined number of events, will celebrate those movies that have achieved the mythical “cult status” by having a passionate fan base that goes to midnight showings, anniversary re-releases, and have worn out the tape in their VHS machines. So grab your popcorn, and get ready for the events to come!

The Game On Series: Just Roll With It.

Choose your character, set up your board, and plug in your controllers! Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce a new series of virtual running events:

The Game On Series!

From the kitchen table, to the coffee table, to the gaming table, this is going to be a whole lot of fun!

The Game On Series celebrates the vast universe of games, from tabletop and roll-playing to family board games and video arcades. Let the memory of the sweetest victory in your favorite game be the inspiration to complete some distance, and level up your fitness!

The Fanatic Series: We Love That, Too!

Sometimes, the things we love just refuse to fit in a category. Fandom Running Club is pleased to announce a new series of virtual running events:

The Fanatic Series!

We’re excitable people, we get excited about exciting things….it happens!

The Fanatic Series draws its inspiration from the fan passions that refuse to conform to any (or a single) medium. Is it a book AND a broadcast series? Is it a stage production that later became a chart-topping album, and then a hit film? Is it something totally different that doesn’t fit the mold in any way? WE LOVE IT! Let’s go celebrate it with a sweet runner’s medal!